2021 wallpaper trends in Morocco and beyond - the most stylish ways to dress up your walls

Update your home with this season's must-have new wallpaper trends

Coating Morocco suggests you start your search for wallpaper trends with a bit of insider knowledge to really get the most out of the new collections in 2021.

Wallpaper is a key trend for 2021 in Morocco, and consumers' insatiable appetite doesn't seem to be waning any time soon. Whatever your taste, there's something for everyone, from traditional florals to trompe l'oeil , contemporary geometric and tropical designs or animal and architectural motifs.

Advances in new printing techniques and new finishes are constantly pushing the boundaries, and the availability of new substrates makes it even more exciting.

Gone are the days of printing on paper, now you can embellish caps, weeds and silks with just about any design. The use is also bolder and more courageous. If you have the confidence, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Maximalism

Maximalism is back in a big way for 2021, and we predict this bold look is here to stay.

In bold contrast to the understated, this scheme reveals the wild side of the design world. A striking mix of leopard prints, pleats and patchworks, as well as stars, stripes and metallic skins, demonstrates that more can be more.

  1. Flowers

Flowers at Décoration Maroc are a big new 2021 for interiors and can be adapted to any space, whether vintage, retro or contemporary. These

new seasonal designs have raised the style stakes and made it easier to incorporate beautiful florals into your decor.

Start by thinking about color. The palette you choose will guide your floral design decisions and serve as the basis for putting your scheme together.

When working with floral prints in your home, think about the scale of the flowers in the designs. Large prints can make small rooms look even smaller, so stick to more refined designs to create the illusion of spaciousness.

  1. new chintz

More than ever, we draw inspiration from the past to influence the present. It's often noted that we return to bygone eras in times of uncertainty, and that certainly rings true for the new chintz trend. After all, creating a decorating scheme is a bit like a love affair, and it's certainly as much a matter of the heart as it is of the head.

New chintz 2021 british style

Fortunately, the new chintz look is all about sophistication and style. Full of movement, color and exuberance, A radical departure from traditional Victorian and Edwardian decor, the band's liberated modern style became hugely influential in the decades that followed.

  1. Bold Palettes

Colors have also gone the same way with neutrals moving away from gray (dare we say it) and moving more towards warmer tones to invite the return of brown furniture.

Baroque & Roll wall covering by Versace -ref: 962316-

Do not be afraid to combine different models. Mix classic patterns like stripes or florals with exotic styles like Turkish ikats and kilims. Avoid making the space too busy by choosing patterns in colors that complement each other

  1. The best of nature

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and it will only intensify in 2021. A heightened awareness of the finiteness of our natural resources has led to an increased desire to repair, reuse and recycle.

PALM LEAF wallpaper by LW-ref: 378613-

Visible repairs are celebrated and highlighted, and sustainable, natural and woven materials are championed. Bolder greens also take over midnight blue, bringing the biophilic feel-good trend through plants and foliage. Any reference to the introduction of the outdoors will impact well-being with the growing plant trend

  1. Graphics

The New Year will have us all seeking security and structure amid the chaos. A growing need to impose systems of order and control in all facets of life, from wellness trends to dating apps, has seen growing popularity for streamlined, structured design.

Graphics by LW wallpaper -Ref: 373911-

Interiors referencing elemental geometric arrangements, subtle raised reliefs and monochromatic palettes channel the comfort found in patterns and routine.

  1. Archiving

A turbulent environment of political and social unrest has led to a yearning for designs that reflect values ​​of authenticity, humanity and reliability. Artisanal and heritage creations are celebrated and familiar natural motifs are favored. We are more willing to invest in meaningful designs that have been created with love than in mass-produced products.

During a time of uncertainty, it's not uncommon for certain elements of nostalgia to creep in as we search the archives when choosing our next wallpaper.

  1. Murals

Scenic and mural wallpapers continue to be a huge trend for 2021 - from serene flowers and painterly textures to atmospheric panoramas, scenes and murals put your walls center stage and offer a variety of extraordinary statements for your walls.

Fine art-inspired wallpaper is having a moment with life-size murals that are proving popular. However, don't follow trends blindly and above all, only choose a style if you really like it.

  1. Faded glamor

Decadent and romantic with more than a hint of rock n roll, this trend embodies 1920s Hollywood glamor but with a modern twist.

Look for lush plants in rich reds and inky blues against a dark black background for an opulent and dramatic finish.

  1. Molding Panels

Panels are a big bedroom wallpaper trend for 2021. It's not too common to have panels in a bedroom.

Wallpaper panels and moldings

bedroom, but if you live in a period property – or have incorporated them to add character to an ordinary space – you have plenty of room to play with wallpaper.

  1. Texture

Gone are the days when wallpaper was a one-dimensional piece of paper on the wall. As printing techniques develop, the number of surfaces that can be printed increases.

Textured Wallpaper

One of the most comforting wallpaper trends is to introduce texture to the walls. Choose burlap wallcovering for the ultimate cuddly effect and let the comfort begin.

  1. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is another wallpaper trend that has been in fashion for many years. Historically associated with grand country mansions, this technique has been modernized and updated in a fresh new way.


Harmony with the natural world is a hallmark of Chinese landscape painting and this tranquility is perfect for the bedroom. Here, a misty, dreamlike mountain paper covers an oriental-style screen, with a palette of soft grays and blues, adding to the calming allure of the scheme.

  1. Impressionism

Look at impressionist artworks and sponge paintings for inspiration. The effect is incredibly soft and a bit dreamlike, perfect for a bedroom or a room where you like to relax.

The abstract artwork trend is still going strong in all areas of the home, but this softer interpretation hits the bedroom walls perfectly.

  1. Dark and Dramatic Color Wallpapers

Previously, dark colors were avoided, as this would often be misinterpreted as making a

Karl Lagerfeld Wallpaper «Baroque, Black» 378453

dark and gloomy room. However, with eclectic use of space, well-placed lighting and shapes, deeper royal blues and luxurious emerald greens are making a comeback.

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