Finally moldings, baseboards and ornaments, easy to install and affordable in Morocco

It is now possible in Morocco, moldings, baseboards, cornices or even ornaments in HPDS, machined from medium and high density polystyrene, this new very light material unlike traditional plaster and wood, offers you advantages exceptional and multiple, faster installation, impact and breakage resistance, unparalleled waterproofing, one coat of primer; ready to paint, as well as a fine finish.

Mauve Haussmann moldings Parisian living room

2 – Miter saw

Place your molding or baseboard… against 1 of the 2 corner legs and draw a line above the baseboard that starts in the corner and points in your direction. This is the direction in which you will need to saw.

Saw your moldings

Measure the angle and divide between 2. That way you know how many degrees you will need to saw. If you have a 90° angle, you will have to saw at 45°.

Repeat this principle for the second leg of the angle. Combine the 2 pieces to create a perfect tab!

3. Paste

Apply Adefix P5 glue or  Adefix Plus in the small gutter provided and lay against the wall. Remove excess glue immediately and clean with a cloth or sponge.

Stick your picture rail or molding on the wall

If you install the second plinth or the molding ..., not only Adefix P5 glue is needed, but also Adefix Plus glue. Apply this glue to the end of the skirting board and lay it against the first skirting board. Remove excess glue and let dry for 2-3 hours. Remove the excess glue again and let it dry. After painting, the joints will be invisible!

After installing your baseboards, you can lightly polish them and finally paint them!

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