Led profile IL12 - multifunction

198 dh

Description : Combine the IL12 profile with indirect LED lighting for a soft and pleasant atmosphere and to make a room appear larger. The different possibilities of lighting applications have the ability to transform the look and feel of a space. The IL12 WALLSTYL® has a modern, linear design that adds style and dimension to an interior. LED lighting also reduces electricity costs and the need for long-term maintenance.

The IL12 WALLSTYL® is durable and protects against scrapes, bumps and damage.

To combine the IL12 plinth with indirect LED lighting, attach LED strips in the groove of the plinth. There is also a small gap behind the plinth to hide extra wiring or imperfect cracks and transitions. The IL12 arrives primed and ready to be painted in the final color. Moisture-resistant material makes the IL12 an ideal light source and baseboard for bathrooms, spas and wet bars.

Type of product : Moulding, plinth, picture rail, finishing profile, lamp, indirect lighting, atmosphere...

Product size:

  • Length (L) 2 meters
  • Height (H) 80 millimeters
  • Width (W) 23 mm

Material: HDPS High Density Polystyrene


  • White
  • Primed, ready to paint

Advantages of the IL12 WALLSTYL® chair rail:

  • Light material
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Recyclable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Simple installation

Glues needed for installation:

Adefix P5 glue which exists in two formats:

  • 310ml:

  • 5kg :



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