Profilé CJ1 STEEP 3000 x 30 x 50 mm

600 dh
200 dh / m

Our NOMAWOOD® profiles offer eternal beauty to your facades as well as to different uses! Our products are dyed in the mass. This is the reason why they are durable and have excellent weather resistance.

Our profiles are also a reliable technical solution for insulation, they are compatible with different insulation thicknesses.
Easy to install and offer a second life to walls, exterior or exposed ceilings, facades, exterior counters, separation walls...

Thanks to our wide range of colors, give your use a modern and durable contemporary style.

Reference: 3013595
Measures: 3000 x 30 x 50mm
Type: Profile
Application(s) : exterior or exposed ceilings, facades, exterior counters, dividing walls, etc.

Rustic steppe charm designed for a rugged look.

Aluminum look to create a dynamic and modern atmosphere.

Tones inspired by nature for a warm atmosphere.

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