Cornice IL3

220 dh

Use WALLSTYL ® IL3 Trim for sophisticated and subtle indirect lighting. Indirect LED lighting provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for cozy homes. The dimensions and simple design of the IL3 cornice ensure that it is suitable for most environments. The small shape of IL3 makes it the ideal trim to adapt to existing cornices to create custom elements. This product can be used to create an individual cornice or as a profile for indirect LED lighting.

  • Dimensions50x33x2000mm
  • product type: Cornice
  • Primed and ready to paint Primed and ready to paint
  • high density polystyrene High density polystyrene
  • Can also be used for indirect lighting Can also be used for indirect lighting

Material: L DPS Polystyrene

  • White
  • Primed, ready to paint

Advantages of the IL3 ARSTYL® cornice:

  • Two application possibilities
  • Moisture resistant
  • Totally recyclable
  • Light material
  • Simple setup

Glues needed for installation:

Adefix P5 glue which exists in two formats: 310ml or 5kg

  • 310ml:

  • 5kg:


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