Domostyl Hybrid Glue 290ml

250 dh

Description : Domostyl Hybrid is an extra strong white glue , based on hybrid polymers.

Product Type : Glue

Color: white

Contents : 290 ml cartridge

Application time: handy for 4 min

Storage: In its closed packaging in a dry and cool place, at temperatures of +5°C to +25°C. See date on packaging.

Application: laying outdoors, joints.

Application temperature: +5°C to +25°C

Cleaning product: Before drying: turpentine - After drying: mechanically

Joints : Preferably, apply the glue so that it does not overflow when the moldings are pressed against each other, and so that it forms a joint of about 3 mm.

Safety measures: Observe the usual work hygiene

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