Adhesive Adefix P5 5kg

570 dh

Description : ADEFIX® P5 is a white acrylic adhesive-coat.

Product Type : Glue

Color: white

Contents : 5kg bucket

Storage time:

24 months in its closed packaging in a dry and cool place, at

temperatures from +5°C to +25°C


Nature: porous substrates, eg bricks, concrete, plaster

The substrate must be clean, dry, free of dust and stains.


Manual :

Application: with a spray gun (cartridge) or with a spatula.

Smear the glue on the bonding surfaces of the product, lay the product

on the holder and press down firmly on the product.

Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C

Cleaning product: water, immediately after use.

Joints: maintain a joint of 2 to 3 mm between each profile.


It is preferable that the support be porous.

Security measures :

Observe normal work hygiene.

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