Revêtement Maroc


820 dh 860 dh

Designed by Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly, the DORIQUE wall panel reinterprets a classic motif adapted to modern interiors. The shadows that alternate along the vertical lines create a game of contrast and a sophisticated geometry. The 3D panel can be combined with the FL11 and WL10 finishing profiles as well as the CANELÉ S and L models to create a unique composition.

Advantages of ARSTYL® Doric wall panel:

  • Creation of unique designs
  • Gives 3D dimension to walls and ceilings
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Light
  • Simple setup

Its 2 meter length accentuates its linear design while allowing it to be installed quickly with ADEFIX® PLUS glue. DORIQUE is already primed to receive a final coat of paint.

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