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Amtico SF 15 Liters - Pot of solvent-free adhesive glue

2,400 dh

Supported hardware
  • Kind: Adhesive
  • For: Flooring
  • Item Type: Tub
  • Form: Viscous liquid
  • Coverage: 60m2
The description

An acrylic emulsion adhesive, designed to give high bond strength, strong initial tack and long open time. It is protected against biodegradation. For attaching Amtico International floor coverings to sound, smooth, dry concrete subfloors, including those with a floated surface finish; terrazzo; granolithic; sand/cement screed, smoothing underlayments, plywood and many other suitably prepared substrates.

Colour: Off-white Consistency: Viscous liquid Density: 1.12 - 1.17 at 20°C Consumption: Approximately 4 m2 per liter using an A2 trowel, depending on the condition and absorbency of the subfloor .

Open time: up to 60 minutes, depending on temperature and subfloor absorption.

Storage: To avoid damage, store at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C. Shelf life: 24 months in unopened containers, stored in good conditions.

General coverage: 2.5 liters of coverage 10 m2 5 liters of coverage 20 m2 15 liters of coverage 60 m2 This is for a 15 liter bath.

Please Note: Not suitable for conservatories or areas with underfloor heating or long-term direct sunlight; Please use Amtico High Temperature for these conditions.

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