STAMP of EXCEPTION in this difficult period

In these restrictive times, as well as our suppliers, would like to continue our role of facilitator, and contribute to the well-being of our customers by allowing them to obtain in a continuous way, and as safely as possible, the essential products for them. themselves and their families.

Because the health and safety of all, employees and customers remain the absolute priority.

You can also check the latest health information and advice on the website of the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco


Can I order and have my decoration products delivered from without risk?

Yes, as since the beginning of the pandemic, we continue to allow you to buy your products and have them delivered, taking all possible and accessible measures at our level to ensure continuous service and to the required standards.

Reduce contact with the delivery person when receiving my order, is this possible?

Yes. We have asked our delivery people as well as delivery people to reduce contact with our customers. Delivery people have also been instructed to favor your delivery preferences when possible.

What are the new delivery slots, are they limited?

Due to the increased demand at the moment for home deliveries, the availability of delivery slots may be very limited. We do our best to respond to all requests and deliver to you on time.

Do you continue to deliver bulky products?

Yes, our delivery service ensures the careful delivery of your bulky products.

Actions and measures taken by in the face of rising prices on an international scale?

We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that none of our suppliers artificially increase their prices on essential products during this pandemic period. We have thus suspended or withdrawn dozens of products, in accordance with our sales policy. We continue to closely monitor the products sold on and remove any offers that do not comply with our policy.
Above all, we continue to bear costs and expenses directly related to our operations and increases from our suppliers, so as not to affect the final prices of high turnover products.

Help and Customer Service

Get help from our teams on managing your orders and returns and much more.

May God protect us all!