New for 2022: Carpet tiles, the ideal covering for your next project?

¨Carpet tiles have many advantages for both homes and business premises¨

One of the main advantages of this type of covering is its resistance and easy maintenance, but above all this freedom to choose different tiles to create a pattern or a personalized decoration by playing on the color of the tiles or the direction of laying. ; so you could create your unique rugs.

The use of high quality yarn and a backing of bitumen, PVC or other materials give the tile durability and robustness.

It exists 3 types of carpet tiles , depending on the type of installation:

  • tiles to be glued , which stick directly to the support with glue or double-sided tape
  • self-adhesive tiles (or stickers)
  • the lead slabs removable (or self-hanging) that have a heavy underlay that holds them in place without glue

The laying of loose-fitting, so-called “floating” carpet tiles is disconcertingly easy ( free disguise ).

Indeed, the back of the loose-laying carpet tile is extremely heavy, which allows glue-free laying and unequaled stability, this also allows a very wide variety of laying patterns, considering their flexibility and the wide range of colors, but also the many designs designed by famous designers .

This is why the carpet tile is said to be modular.

Then, a lead carpet tile can be replaced individually if it is damaged or at the end of its life. Carpet tiles are thus an economical, durable, flexible and particularly resistant floor covering. Carpet tiles for business premises are flame retardant and antistatic, making them ideal for high traffic commercial spaces.

Daily maintenance for carpet tiles is the same as for standard carpets.

These advantages, combined with high resistance, make carpet tiles a very popular covering in companies or office spaces where traffic is intense. And finally, the slabs, generally sold in boxes, are easier to transport than a large roll.