3 Advantages for choosing Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback in our interiors, but why this attraction? What are the advantages of wallpaper? Why choose a tapestry rather than another covering?

Easy installation and installation

The wallpaper sticks to the wall easily in a day, allowing you to redecorate in a snap. Thanks to new materials such as non-woven paper and new glues, the wallpaper is easy to put on by gluing the wall directly.

An easy-to-change decor

with new materials such as non-woven (cited above) or textile fabric, installation and removal are easily done yourself for your own interior. Non-woven wallpaper is dry strippable, meaning you don't need any products to remove it from the wall. The material does not tear on removal and the wallpaper length comes in one piece when you pull on it. You can then easily change the decor whenever you want.

An infinite palette of patterns, colors and styles

The variety of choices is endless; another big advantage of modern tapestry.

The wallpaper brings a more original touch to your interior. You have no limit in the printed visual. You can choose a solid color, like with paint, or a pattern or even a trompe l'oeil landscape !

For a perfectly personalized decor, this is the right choice.

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